Publications in Southeast Asia

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Effect of protein level and urea in concentrate mixture on feed intake and rumen fermentation in swamp buffaloes fed rice straw-based dietKang, Sungchhang;Wanapat, Metha;Phesatcha, Kampanat;Norrapoke, ThitimaAPR 2015TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION
Improvement of whole crop rice silage nutritive value and rumen degradability by molasses and urea supplementationWanapat, Metha;Kang, Sungchhang;Khejornsart, Pichad;Pilajun, RuangyoteNOV 2013TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION
Performance of tropical dairy cows fed whole crop rice silage with varying levels of concentrateWanapat, Metha;Kang, Sungchhang;Khejornsart, Pichad;Pilajun, Ruangyote;Wanapat, SadudeeJAN 2014TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION